A Festive Evening

It was a cold appeasing evening

     The elation and serenity I could feel

           The warmth of the feelings

     Were not bigger than that of the eve.

I was walking down the lane

         And was busy admiring the scene

              Everywhere I could see

     Just the decorated houses and trees.

The market place was occupied

                 By people of all age

       The flowers, the vase, the effigies

  All were being bought without any rage.

I passed the sweet shop

    Ah! The sweet smell wafted through my nose

   ‘Kaju Katli’ ‘Besan ke Ladoo’ ‘Suji ka Halwaa’

        They gave me the feeling of a rose.

Walking and walking

      I came across ‘an illuminated nest’

   Though other homes too had the shine

        But that one differed from the rest.

It was all enveloped in lights

          The ‘diyas’ were kept at the door

      The gate was designed with garlands

And all the happiness it wore.

I felt so special

             After seeing all what I wanted

         And the ‘kandeel’ in the sky

  Made the children happy and haunted.

You see, why there is so much love around

               Do you know the reason?

            Its obvious that it can be just

                   The Diwali Season.

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