A Girl Has It All.!

  How beautiful are the things around us,

      The street, the leaves, the sun rays.

       But nothing can be more beautiful,

               Than a girl’s hair sway.

How alluring she seems,

The long dress with high heels.

The elegance she carries,

When walking by the streams.

Those long hair, those beautiful eyes,

Those hands who had blessed every life

The heart that melted after every cry,

And loved him like it was her last time.

The groove she has, her ravishing smile,

The way in which she carries her life.

She wants some love, the perseverance she deserves,

Because she is the one who has made this world.

Yes she is fat, yes she is small,

Yes she loves partying, yes she loves play

But why are you concerned,

When you didn’t want her to stay?

You insisted for a boy,

You regretted to accept her.

And that’s the mentality,

Of everyone around here.

Why is it so hard to understand,

That girls are as important as boys.

Without girls can we progress

And build a peaceful voyage?

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