..Cut the rest..

It was a bright sunny day

Happily I was wandering about.

But then I came across something

Which deceived me to feel like a stout.

A big, tall tree stood in front of me

With long branches and fruits.

I had never seen such a tree

With fast emerging roots.

It had light green leaves

With a little touch of red.

All I could feel that morning

Was its amazing shed.

Though it was a tall tree

I could feel a little bent of grief.

I urged on to ask it

And it told me in brief.

“My friend, you don’t know my weariness

How sad and forlorn I feel,

Because no one in the world

Has ever thought for me.

They say ‘Save Tress-Save Life’

‘Plant one for a better life’.

But has anyone ever meant their word

Because I’ve seen them cut my wife.

They want pleasure

They want fire.

And we were here to fulfil

All their desires.

But who will tell them

What they have done?

After cutting each of us

In the long run.”

I could feel its pain

The woeness it possessed

And as it said

“They had cut the rest.”

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